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Brawl Stars Season 16! -

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  • Opublikowany 1 sty 2023
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    #candyland #BrawlStars #brawlpass
    An epic battle royale made for mobile! Play with friends or solo across a variety of game modes in under three minutes.
    Unlock and upgrade dozens of Brawlers with powerful Super abilities, Star Powers and Gadgets! Collect unique skins to stand out and show off. Battle in a variety of mysterious locations within the Brawliverse!
    - Gem Grab (3v3): Team up and out-strategize the opposing team. Collect and hold 10 gems to win, but get fragged and lose your gems.
    - Showdown (Solo/Duo): A battle royale style fight for survival. Collect power ups for your Brawler. Grab a friend or play solo - be the last Brawler standing in the rowdiest battle royale yet. Winner take all!
    - Brawl Ball (3v3): It's a whole new Brawl game! Show off your soccer/football skills and score two goals before the other team. There are no red cards here.
    - Bounty (3v3): Take out opponents to earn stars, but don’t let them pick you off. The squad with the most stars wins the match!
    - Heist (3v3): Protect your team’s safe and try to crack open your opponents’. Navigate the map to sneak, blast and blow your way clear to the enemies treasure.
    - Special Events: Limited time special PvE and PvP game modes.
    - Championship Challenge: Join Brawl Stars' esports scene with in-game qualifiers!
    Collect and upgrade a variety of Brawlers with powerful Super abilities, Star Powers and Gadgets! Level them up and collect unique skins.
    Complete quests, open Brawl Boxes, earn Gems, pins and an exclusive Brawl Pass skin! Fresh content every season.
    Climb the local and regional leaderboards to prove you’re the greatest Brawler of them all!
    Look out for new Brawlers, skins, maps, special events and games modes in the future.
    PLEASE NOTE! Brawl Stars is free to download and play, however, some game items can also be purchased for real money. If you don't want to use this feature, please disable in-app purchases in your device's settings. Also, under our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, you must be at least 9 years of age to play or download Brawl Stars.
    - Team up for real-time 3v3 battles against players from across the world
    - A fast-paced multiplayer battle royale mode made for mobile
    - Unlock and collect new, powerful Brawlers - each with a signature attack and Super ability
    - New events and game modes daily
    - Battle solo or with friends
    - Climb to the top of the leaderboards in global and local rankings
    - Join or start your own Club with fellow players to share tips and battle together
    - Customize Brawlers with unlockable skins
    - Player-designed maps offer challenging new terrain to master
    From the makers of Clash of Clans, Clash Royale and Boom Beach!
    Contact us in-game via Settings, Help and Support - or visit supercell.helpshift.com/a/braw...
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  • GryGry

Komentarze • 5 478

  • Marucraft
    Marucraft Miesiąc temu +36

    Когда выйдет анонс???? Мы ждем!!!

  • Begugu
    Begugu Miesiąc temu +29

    Great job, Brawl Stars!
    Can’t wait for Season 17! ❤

  • ElCapo🇦🇷
    ElCapo🇦🇷 Miesiąc temu +24

    Quien mas tiene mucho hype por la siguiente brawl talk? extrañaremos a Candyland, muy buena season

  • Emmanuel XD
    Emmanuel XD Miesiąc temu +23

    Voy a extrañar esta temporada 😥😣

  • Isabella
    Isabella 2 miesięcy temu +247

    Candyland The Cupcake Field is here! The background is so colorful and the lobby music is catchy, I already know the lyrics to Mandy's Candy song 🤣. As always I'm loving the animation style, keep it up Brawl Stars! What a great start to the new year. 🎉🥳

    • нас млрд
      нас млрд 2 miesięcy temu


    • Pyriel
      Pyriel 2 miesięcy temu +1

      @ItzOmer that's my point; whoever would have won that Brawlie, you would have said something, just like you did

    • ItzOmer
      ItzOmer 2 miesięcy temu

      @Pyriel when she got it, then I did.

    • Pyriel
      Pyriel 2 miesięcy temu +1

      @ItzOmer There could have been others, and you or others may have complained just like now.

    • ItzOmer
      ItzOmer 2 miesięcy temu +1

      @Pyriel she may not be the only one who comments on every hecking brawl stars video, it's that she got to the top of the comments that she managed to get a brawlie, otherwise there might be others, but they weren't recognized enough
      I COULD BE WRONG AND I AINT TALKING ABOUT MYSELF. I don't even care about winning a brawlie tbh but I feel like there could be others who could have won

  • play
    play Miesiąc temu +33

    Ya queremos la siguiente temporada

  • Rhyzhen DC
    Rhyzhen DC 2 miesięcy temu +907

    Why does the logo gives me the candy crush vibes💀

  • L K
    L K 2 miesięcy temu +7

    Thanks for all the hard work you put in the game!
    Love it!

  • Hilario
    Hilario 2 miesięcy temu +26

    Deberían haber añadido alguna mecánica para los power-up's de cada personaje, sin cajas hay que tirar oro en todas las mejoras y aún gastando dinero nunca llegas para todos. Eso era súper importante en las cajas.

    • Michael Kelly
      Michael Kelly Miesiąc temu

      So true. Gold for everything and you barely get any. Need boxes for chance to get star power or gadget

    • Даниил Марихин
      Даниил Марихин 2 miesięcy temu +1

      Верните ящики😢😢😢😭😭

  • Spinel
    Spinel Miesiąc temu +3

    Extrañare demasiado está temporada

  • JA_Khe!
    JA_Khe! 2 miesięcy temu +39

    agregen nuevos modos de juego de fin de semana, ejemplo la Semana de Shelly o otro brawler cada fin de semana, donde seria obligatorio jugar con tal brawler ejemplo un supervivencia donde todos usemos a shelly seria divertido y no estaria tan loco

  • Miss Heed💗
    Miss Heed💗 29 dni temu

    OMG! I love this new version even though it's quite colorful and it's not a lot of people but the updates are incredible ♡¡

  • StonedNight
    StonedNight 2 miesięcy temu +16

    I have a suggestion to make the game a little better once you get to the end of the brawl pass and you're getting the extra rewards how about every fourth reward putting some chroma credits in that way we're still getting some even after we finished the brawl pass

    • StonedNight
      StonedNight Miesiąc temu +1

      @Santos Figga it'd be nice right

    • Santos Figga
      Santos Figga Miesiąc temu +3

      That's actually such a great idea for people like me who finished Brawl Pass relatively early and in general do all their quests and tokens for the day
      Does not even have to be that many, could be around 20 - 25 I guess

  • The King
    The King 2 miesięcy temu +36

    Estou esporando a temporada 17 estou sentindo que vai ser a melhor:)

    • Victor Bracho
      Victor Bracho Miesiąc temu


    • Emila Chomka
      Emila Chomka Miesiąc temu

      Supercell remove power league suspension Please plz

    • Liam Stewart
      Liam Stewart Miesiąc temu

      Idk but Season 17 will Be A Nascar 2004 and the brawl stars
      It will be in a Moon Festival

    • lord x
      lord x Miesiąc temu

      Eu também

  • Samuel Vitor
    Samuel Vitor 2 miesięcy temu +2

    Super Cell nessa temporada foi muito mesquinha com quem não quer gastar dinheiro no jogo por causa do passe.
    Os vales azul poderiam valer logo 100 em vez de 95 e os vales cromáticos valer 50 em vez de 40 😡

  • İsimsiz Şahsiyet
    İsimsiz Şahsiyet Miesiąc temu +15

    Kutular hakkında tavsiye vereceğim. Çünkü kutular heyecan veren faktörlerden biriydi. Kutular terkardan geri getirilsin ama şöyle.
    Kutularsan, güç puanı, kredi, kroma kredi, altın, aksesuar, yıldız gücü ve özel güçler çıksın. Ekstradan her sezonda brawl Passtan çıkan kromatik karakter haricinde yeni bir karakter daha gelsin. Bu yeni gelen karakter o sezona özel sandıklardan çıkabilsin. O sezon bitince sadece kredi ile alınabilsin. En azından oyuncular, hangi aksesuar gelicek, hangi yıldız gücü gelicek, hangi özel güç gelicek ve eğer o sezon gelen karakteri çıkarmadılarsa bu karakteri çıkarabilecek miyim? diyerek heyecanlı şekilde kutulara sarılırlar. Ekstradan sadece karakter veren bir kutu gelsin. Ama bu kutuyu her sezon 1 kez yapılacak mücadelede kazananlar açabilsin. Kısaca her sezon 1 kez açılabilecek, tabi kazanabilirlerse. Bu kutudan da açılmamış random 1 tane karakter çıksın. Bu da acaba hangi karakter çıkacak heyecanı yaratır. Her zaman demiyoruz, her sezon 1 defa karakter kutusu (mücadeleye özel) ve o sezon gelen kromatik karakter dışındaki karakteri sadece o sezon çıkabilme olasılığı olan normal kutular gelsin. Kısaca normal kutular her sezonda değişir. Sallıyorum. Bu sezonda A karakteri geldi. Kutulardan şans eseri çıkarsa sadece bu karakter çıkabilsin. Diğer sezon ise bu karakter kutudan kalksın sadece krediyle alınabilsin, kutuya diğer sezon gelen yeni karakter eklensin. Aslında mantıklı ve yapılabilir. Oyuncular kutu heyecanını yaşamak istiyor. Kutulardan o sezon gelen karakter çıkmasa bile çıkan kredilerle yeni karakter açmaya yaklaşırlar.

    • Tuğçe Pınar
      Tuğçe Pınar Miesiąc temu +2

      bencede kutular geri gelmeli en son kutudan max grom amber çıkartmıştım

    • Ufuk Sonmez
      Ufuk Sonmez Miesiąc temu +2

      Dediğin sistem maalesef saçma. Ekleneceğini de zannetmiyorum. Mücadeleyi herkes kazanamayabilir. Kutular keyifliydi evet ama kimisine beş sezon efsanevi çıkmıyorken, kimisine bir sezonda iki efsanevi çıkıyordu. Saçma bir adaletsizlik vardı. En azından bu adaletsizliği ortadan kaldırdı bu yeni sistem. Tabii zamanla geliştirilebilir.

  • Meike Agustina
    Meike Agustina 2 miesięcy temu +16

    can't wait for the new brawlers this year

  • мой канал тупой не заходите

    Please return the boxes!I miss them yes it's of course cool that you see what kind of fighter you accumulate but I miss the boxes it was so interesting when you wonder what kind of fighter you will get😭😭😭😭😭

    VICTOR BRUCHADO 2 miesięcy temu +6

    Mano,a skin da da nita esta simplesmente INCRIVEL,já não basta ter efeitos LINDOS,ainda por cima MUDA DE COR CADA VEZ QUE RENASCE!cara,muito criativo!

    • Lipe
      Lipe 2 miesięcy temu

      ent, tbm vem muita mais recompensa nesse passe, as skins tao meio meh, mas a nita ta mto bonita, acho que a supercell caprichou nessa att

  • jocabed arochi
    jocabed arochi 2 miesięcy temu +3

    Es un buen juego pero si no hubiese tenido que quitar las cajas estaría más chico por que las cajas eran todo osea podían mantener las cajas y poner el camino de brawlers pero no

  • Demonic Lovings
    Demonic Lovings 2 miesięcy temu +5

    I love the Nita skin but don't really care for Mandys playstyle. She's like a better Piper, but i prefer the mid/short range brawlers.

  • HalloGreen
    HalloGreen Miesiąc temu

    Consejo,que daria mas que bien sacarle nueva sking a Jacky y a Jessie son blawers a los que se lea veria muy bien una nueva sking por que hacen las mejores skigs

  • Pradeep Raj
    Pradeep Raj 2 miesięcy temu +4

    I love the theme song of this season its running on my head😍❤️

  • Pedro Lion Fire
    Pedro Lion Fire Miesiąc temu +5

    Tomara que saia mais atualizações

  • Reryson Gomes Lima
    Reryson Gomes Lima 2 miesięcy temu +13

    O supercell escuta a comunidade e otimiza mais o jogo,pois ele está muito pesado travando a todo momento o brawl stars já foi um jogo que rodava em todo celular coloca uma opção pra diminuir os gráficos Oi algo do tip

  • Noelia De la cruz
    Noelia De la cruz 2 miesięcy temu +1


  • Rusus
    Rusus 2 miesięcy temu +57

    Esta será la primera temporada que comprare en los 2 años que llevo jugando...
    Me siento triste y decepcionado de no tener las cajas para sentir esa experiencia de incertidumbre pero placer de obtener muchos objetos
    Pero tengo la idea de que debería esperar por algo mejor también
    Siento que este es el pase menos conveniente por el hecho de que...
    ya sabes, las cajas
    Y que el brawler no parece estar tan roto como otros, este si necesita habilidad
    Entonces no se si ahorrarme todas las gemas para un siguiente pase mejor o gastarlo ahora para conseguir a Mandy...

    • Brawlex
      Brawlex Miesiąc temu

      ​@Matrix_game como que en un año?, Que hayan hecho eso con el pase del biodomo no quiere decir que lo vayan a hacer con todas las skins de los pases, asi que desconozco si ya te enteraste, pero nita gominola al ser de pase, NO va a regresar en un año, terminando la temporada se va.

    • Sem pirat
      Sem pirat 2 miesięcy temu


    • Muryllo Marques
      Muryllo Marques 2 miesięcy temu

      A mandy vai ficar por 500 vales cromaticos

    • Muryllo Marques
      Muryllo Marques 2 miesięcy temu

      Não gaste as gemas

    • Rusus
      Rusus 2 miesięcy temu

      @Kurt racel Hernandez
      It's Brawl Stars dude, get it

  • Alessandra Evora
    Alessandra Evora Miesiąc temu +1

    Revover as caixas do brawl stars so piorou pra ganhar brawlers miticos , lendarios e cromaticos , a supercell deveria aumentar o numero de gemas no pass de 10 gemas para 30 gemas e de 20 gemas para 50 gemas assim seria 200 gemas ia melhorar muito

  • Hosmar Daniel Ripalda Chavarri
    Hosmar Daniel Ripalda Chavarri 2 miesięcy temu +10

    A este juego le tengo amor y odio al mismo tiempo me da cólera pero no puedo dejar de jugarlo

    • Noah Cameron
      Noah Cameron 2 miesięcy temu +1

      That would be a good reason to stop playing it. It seems like this game makes most people more angry than happy.

  • luisgameplay
    luisgameplay Miesiąc temu +6

    I have a great tip for Supercell and if you guys like it, I'd like you to spread this idea. The tip is to add the "Weekend Missions", which would give common vouchers to do different missions, or chromatic vouchers on commemorative dates. For example, on Christmas week (week of December 25th), the prize would be chromatic vouchers. Quests would also give 20% more vouchers if you did them with club members or friends. Since Supercell is a company and they need to make a profit, we wouldn't require many vouchers, so the weekend reward would be approximately 150 vouchers. When doing with the members I mentioned, the reward would increase by 30 vouchers, since it represents 20% of that amount. That way, every month we would have at least 600 vouchers more or 720 vouchers if all missions were done with club members or friends. This would overly motivate players to join the game at least on weekends. It would be similar to the Clash of Clans Ride mode, since even if you don't play much during the week, everyone plays to the finals to get the medals there. Hope you liked the idea 🤗

  • DaniBoi 🎮
    DaniBoi 🎮 2 miesięcy temu +5

    I can tell brawl stars has become even better ever since the release! Especially this season with the new special skins, but for me this is my favourite season so far! Who agrees? 🍬

    • Fazlı Bulut
      Fazlı Bulut Miesiąc temu

      @Redcherry loans

    • Redcherry
      Redcherry 2 miesięcy temu

      @Krimson what's unnecessary of this update?

    • Krimson
      Krimson 2 miesięcy temu +1

      They are adding unecessary stuff into the game now fsr😑

    • Fazlı Bulut
      Fazlı Bulut 2 miesięcy temu

      @Redcherry yes ?

    • Redcherry
      Redcherry 2 miesięcy temu

      @Алексей Маркин skill issue

  • Caroline
    Caroline 2 miesięcy temu +1

    I want all the season quest to be available at the beginning like other brawl passes instead of only having three per two days

  • fa do  brawl
    fa do brawl Miesiąc temu

    Brawl Stars por favor traga as caixas de volta

  • harthur Gabriel da silva monteiro
    harthur Gabriel da silva monteiro 2 miesięcy temu +30

    Estou esperando a temporada 17 estou sentindo que vai ser a melhor :)

    • MAR133 | brawl stars
      MAR133 | brawl stars Miesiąc temu

      @Edgar😎 vai falar mais nada não?

    • Edgar😎
      Edgar😎 Miesiąc temu

      @MAR133 | brawl stars está bem, se contenta aí com pouco, nerdola.

    • MAR133 | brawl stars
      MAR133 | brawl stars Miesiąc temu

      @Edgar😎 não, aceita que dói menos

    • Edgar😎
      Edgar😎 Miesiąc temu

      @MAR133 | brawl stars nada aver mn nois demos a fama para eles o mínimo é eles ouvir nois, se nois spammar e dar 1 estrela na play store nois consegue.

    • HeitSterV
      HeitSterV 2 miesięcy temu

      ​@Argentino zueiro mamamia they not bro

  • Oyuncu Ufaklik
    Oyuncu Ufaklik Miesiąc temu +2

    I suggest increasing Crow's health by 30/100 for the next season or on a maintenance break... If you do that, I'll rank Crow 20 if I have time…

    • Tuğçe Pınar
      Tuğçe Pınar Miesiąc temu

      @Ufuk Sonmez git sen öğren kızlarla böyle konuşulmaz ufuk sönmezzzzzzzzzz

    • Ufuk Sonmez
      Ufuk Sonmez Miesiąc temu

      @Tuğçe Pınar Sen ne anlatıyorsun, önce Türkçe konuşmayı öğren istersen.

    • Tuğçe Pınar
      Tuğçe Pınar Miesiąc temu +1

      @Ufuk Sonmez -tamam ama ingilizce yorumlara çeviriden ver tamam mı

    • Ufuk Sonmez
      Ufuk Sonmez Miesiąc temu

      @Tuğçe Pınar Bana ne herkesten? Ben Türk birisinin yorumuna Türkçe yanıt veriyorum.

  • Odra Noah
    Odra Noah 2 miesięcy temu +3

    Muy linda animación y la temporada está muy bonita (◍•ᴗ•◍) , aunque se extraña a las cajas creo que fue la mejor decisión.
    Nose si en alguna futura actualizar se pueda regalar monedas, puntos estelares y gemas a amigos con un límite de cantidad, solo queda esperar.

    • grud
      grud 2 miesięcy temu

      @Fazlı Bulut im playing in 2015 and is the BEST decision

    • Fazlı Bulut
      Fazlı Bulut 2 miesięcy temu

      @grud I think you started the game in 2022 look bro I've been playing this game since 2018 and I left the game after the box update. The main purpose of the game was boxes, there is no more excitement in the game.

    • grud
      grud 2 miesięcy temu

      @Fazlı Bulut callate

    • Fazlı Bulut
      Fazlı Bulut 2 miesięcy temu

      No,this was the wrong decision

  • Quak,Quak Duck
    Quak,Quak Duck Miesiąc temu +6

    u guys should add a death screen to solo and duo showdown showcasing everyone who is dead, alive, playing and you can spectate and see who got what placement

    • katze
      katze Miesiąc temu

      @Navaneeth R Nair agreed

    • Occc
      Occc Miesiąc temu

      Its a cool feature

    • Navaneeth R Nair
      Navaneeth R Nair Miesiąc temu +1

      That would be a waste of time

  • _Ø̈ʍ€я
    _Ø̈ʍ€я 2 miesięcy temu +14

    I miss Ryan popping up and saying Hello And Welcome To The Brawl Talk! 😢

  • Codsce Brawltime
    Codsce Brawltime Miesiąc temu

    Sam needs a nerf where he does get a speed boost but not as fast, probably buff his charging star power a bit and maybe a damage decrease? Chester needs a fix where YOU DONT SPAWN WITH THE BOMB EVERY DEATH just keep your current one

  • MessiWins
    MessiWins 2 miesięcy temu

    I love the brawl stars community and how much effort they put into making this video ❤❤ amazing season and can’t wait to play with Mandy!

  • Khamsesiz_khz🦋🌌
    Khamsesiz_khz🦋🌌 Miesiąc temu +1

    Eski savas kutuları fln olan bs yı istiyoruzz

  • Sandy Stars
    Sandy Stars 2 miesięcy temu +4

    Melhor temporada!

  • Sophia Brew
    Sophia Brew 2 miesięcy temu +3

    This is so beautiful and the way Bruce changes colour every time he is spawned is just awesome

  • Emily Scavassa_Ways
    Emily Scavassa_Ways 2 miesięcy temu +8

    I love the theme song of this season its running on my head😍❤

    • Spider9326
      Spider9326 2 miesięcy temu

      מאיפה מריצים את השיר הזה במשחק/Spotify/PLclip

  • Brandy Shippen
    Brandy Shippen Miesiąc temu +2

    Idea: every player gets to pick if they want to upgrade by boxes or credits

  • Veronica Orozco
    Veronica Orozco 2 miesięcy temu +47

    How stinkin’ cute is that Nita Skin!! Great animation and updates!! Thank you Supercell Team ❤🎉🍬🍭

    • Cristian Laurentiu
      Cristian Laurentiu 2 miesięcy temu

      @Fer they will resolve that at some point don't worry

    • Fer
      Fer 2 miesięcy temu +2

      I hate the fact that it’s completely transparent and you can literally see thru Nita’s head… No hair, skull, brains… Nothing, completely empty inside. But oh well… Gonna buy it anyway bc it’s extremely cute indeed.

  • Panagiotis Pappas
    Panagiotis Pappas Miesiąc temu

    I miss the boxes the game without the boxes is like nothing it’s just playing when we had boxes it was more fun

  • Andrés Salces
    Andrés Salces 2 miesięcy temu +10

    Supercell nos debe los puntos de credito del trophy road a todos y están dejando que el tema sea olvidado

    HAZZY DRILL SCENE 2 miesięcy temu +1

    I’m loving this new season is my first one I ever bought btw been playing this game for a good 2-3 years

  • Tubartelo
    Tubartelo  Miesiąc temu

    Na moral, eu quero urgentemente que você deixem esse jogo mais otimizado, tanto para melhorar o desempenho para celulares mais recentes, e deixe o jogo mais funcional para celulares mais antigos, resumindo, melhorem por favor. Literalmente mais pessoas conseguiram jogar o jogo, e mais pessoas poderão gastar dinheiro com as gemas do jogo, por favor, se importem em prestar um pouco de atenção as minha sugestão para seu jogo, agradeço.

  • @FDN_EDT
    @FDN_EDT Miesiąc temu

    I really liked the new characters and also the new skins

  • Kusya
    Kusya Miesiąc temu +1

    Bring back the boxes! Without them, it's no longer brawl stars.

  • rafael gamels
    rafael gamels 2 miesięcy temu +91

    i like the fact its pretty obvious they took some inspiration from candy crush mostly on the font for the season

    • miscelanous
      miscelanous 2 miesięcy temu +1

      You mean the board game candyland?

    • Бегайым Маматова
      Бегайым Маматова 2 miesięcy temu

      А с вами работает Батырхан а вы будете делать новые правые рав сама работать потом

    • rafael gamels
      rafael gamels 2 miesięcy temu +1

      LMCrazyDevil isnt like that a popcap game??? when they were in the Og era before EA buying them??

    • Celestial-Infinity
      Celestial-Infinity 2 miesięcy temu +1

      Yea I feel it too

  • elvon sarza
    elvon sarza 2 miesięcy temu +10

    This Season needs a crossover skins with Wreck-It-Ralph. Because of Sweet candies themed features of the battlefield and the new Brawler.

    • Gabriel Teixeira
      Gabriel Teixeira 2 miesięcy temu +2

      best cartoon I've seen (movie)

    • Gabriel Teixeira
      Gabriel Teixeira 2 miesięcy temu +2

      @hizzu🎼 or primo...Ralph punches the buildings

    • hizzu🎼
      hizzu🎼 2 miesięcy temu +4

      Bonnie as Vanellope😃,she will ride a car in first form and shoot candy,in second form she throw 3 different candies✨
      And Frank as Ralph?

    PIANO TRIO HABASH 2 miesięcy temu +1

    In season 17, you should put that if you bought a skin, you have 1 week to sell it and get back the gems the skin costs

  • Goku
    Goku Miesiąc temu +1

    Can you give us hints about the next season

  • Mr.Bananana
    Mr.Bananana 2 miesięcy temu +3

    Could you please add boxes again for special events or else 🥺

  • Emin
    Emin Miesiąc temu

    Supercell bence yeni sezonda kromatikten sonra mistik karakterler yapmalı ve kulüp pass'ı olarak yapsa oyun çok mükemelleşir ve krediler kalksın lütfen kutular geri gelsin siz kredilerle kolay olur dediniz ama karakter çıkarmak çok zor oldu.

  • Spider9326
    Spider9326 2 miesięcy temu +138

    Supercell Can you please add an option to buy credit points for star points like you did if the boxes after every end of the trophy league?

    • Ayaz gaming
      Ayaz gaming Miesiąc temu

      İts silly

    • I might ruin your jokes
      I might ruin your jokes Miesiąc temu

      @FilipG0ld Official how? You literally have to get them for free you can’t buy star points

    • Caty Gonzalez
      Caty Gonzalez Miesiąc temu


    • Spider9326
      Spider9326 2 miesięcy temu

      Where more Likes Why did you stop at 109 likes to this response? By the way, thanks for the 109 likes to this response Everyone

    • FilipG0ld Official
      FilipG0ld Official 2 miesięcy temu

      it would way more pay2win than it already is

  • Blue Owl
    Blue Owl 2 miesięcy temu +11

    Hey Brawl Star Dev Team. Loving this update but missing boxes. So i have a suggestion is that maybe add boxes back and you unlock the brawler you want by opening those amount of boxes. Thats just a suggestion but still Awesome job Dev team

    • 🚫Удаленный акк
      🚫Удаленный акк 2 miesięcy temu

      @Maria Clara Oliveira Lima Понятно. Thank you! Я думал, что это запрещено в мусульманских странах.

    • Maria Clara Oliveira Lima
      Maria Clara Oliveira Lima 2 miesięcy temu

      @CD Why do you think my answer is false?

    • Maria Clara Oliveira Lima
      Maria Clara Oliveira Lima 2 miesięcy temu

      @🚫Удаленный акк brawl stars had the so-called lott box system (if you are interested in the internet for various subjects) and from what I saw Brazil, Belgium, United Kingdom and etc are banning games of this type.

    • 🚫Удаленный акк
      🚫Удаленный акк 2 miesięcy temu

      @Maria Clara Oliveira Lima В каких странах?

  • kayo daniel
    kayo daniel Miesiąc temu +2

    Coloquem uma dublagem português nos Brawlers, por favor 😃
    Brazil Portugues no portugues of portugal

    • Don't read my profile picture
      Don't read my profile picture Miesiąc temu

      Nada haver, ia tirar o tom de voz, a emoção e as gírias em inglês que em português não fariam sentido, sem falar q tem várias redublagens BRs de Brawl Stars feito pelos fãs, só vc pesquisar

      LUCAS BERNARDO BR 2 Miesiąc temu

      Que Aí Tu Encontra :)

      LUCAS BERNARDO BR 2 Miesiąc temu

      Cara Pesquisa Brawl Talk Dublado Português Ententeu

  • 中国语訳某事
    中国语訳某事 Miesiąc temu

    Candyland has a CandyCrushSaga's atmosphere

  • Paola Navarro
    Paola Navarro 2 miesięcy temu

    ajaja la animación super linda ❤

  • semmi k
    semmi k Miesiąc temu +1

    I have an idea that if the enemy gets 30 hits, the enemy gets a very strong one.

  • dare now
    dare now 2 miesięcy temu +42

    supercell is to be congratulated with the new updates, that's right keep it up I met brawl stars in 2020 and I like it until today!!

    • Michael Kelly
      Michael Kelly Miesiąc temu +1

      @FilipG0ld Official so true. Game has stalled completely for high level players. No way can you upgrade people with the amount of coins you get. Need a sliver of hope for a gadget or star power in boxes

    • Gabriel 🇧🇷
      Gabriel 🇧🇷 Miesiąc temu

      @FilipG0ld Official nobody cares abt boxes

      TİMELORD Miesiąc temu +2

      yes bs is still a good game but i think it was better with boxes

    • MCPE YT
      MCPE YT Miesiąc temu +2

      @FilipG0ld Official problably because we are normal people without gambling addiction

  • Super Heitoreco
    Super Heitoreco 2 miesięcy temu +2

    This season is devine.🍫🍭

  • Conrado Almeida dos Santos
    Conrado Almeida dos Santos 2 miesięcy temu

    Saudades de jogar o Brawl

  • Ilyas Hamdad
    Ilyas Hamdad Miesiąc temu +1


  • Jurre Verbruggen
    Jurre Verbruggen 2 miesięcy temu +2

    Love the season, but it is a shame that you did nothing to teaming. People are quitting brawl star because of teaming!

    • Uno
      Uno 2 miesięcy temu

      Not really. Everyone likes teaming but im with you. Showdown is awful they need to ban blatant teaming and stop punishing good players.

    AK SURFS Miesiąc temu +1

    This is so entertaining to watch ✨

    • AK SURFS
      AK SURFS Miesiąc temu

      @AMG gaming 👍👍

    • AMG gaming
      AMG gaming Miesiąc temu +1

      @AK SURFS old memories bro

    • AK SURFS
      AK SURFS Miesiąc temu

      @AMG gaming Oh wow ... that's great, I wish i could play this 🤗🤗

    • AMG gaming
      AMG gaming Miesiąc temu +1

      Hey bro do you remember me mr. Gaming i stopped to play subway surf i started to play brawl star

  • حكم وخواطر
    حكم وخواطر 2 miesięcy temu +57

    Honestly, the game became boring without the boxes, so I hope it will return quickly

    • FUR10US_F4NG X
      FUR10US_F4NG X Miesiąc temu

      It's like gambling like banned like in 7 countries, because of luck and chance and maybe gambling of boxes
      Btw thanks for Maria for the info

    • grud
      grud 2 miesięcy temu

      @TT_Leon_05 yes

    • Tiffanie Welcher
      Tiffanie Welcher 2 miesięcy temu

      I agree:)😊

    • maker
      maker 2 miesięcy temu

      yes me too

  • âmbito do grampeador
    âmbito do grampeador 2 miesięcy temu +1

    Very nice, now I have more motivation to get the boxes, wait, they are no longer in the game?

  • Enclave Eagle Diesel
    Enclave Eagle Diesel 2 miesięcy temu +1

    I love that piñata ash skin ❤

  • نوره
    نوره Miesiąc temu

    Peace be upon you, Brawl Stars Company. I accidentally put my 14 years old in Brawl Stars, and they removed the team chat from me. I hope the company gives the players an opportunity and opens the team chat. I hope you will respond.

  • Ramal Dilek Velirzayevler
    Ramal Dilek Velirzayevler 2 miesięcy temu +1

    I wish the boxes weren't deleted, the characters would be a little harder to get with diamonds, the boxes would come back

  • Harry Potter
    Harry Potter Miesiąc temu

    hooray for the new season but I want the next season)

  • كےـرَآرَ آلَمِےـلَكےـ

    I wish you would put housing for the heroes for each season, a simple housing. If you reach thirty, it will be fun, but rather a game, and you will take the housing. I hope this thing will happen

    • Lion
      Lion 2 miesięcy temu

      Dude, what are you saying? Wtf is housing?

  • رضا رضا
    رضا رضا 2 miesięcy temu +2

    Supercell Can you strengthen Janet's attack focus speed because it's too slow even with the Melody Focus Acceleration Star (Attack)

  • Javion Williams
    Javion Williams Miesiąc temu

    In my opinion we're not getting enough credits.what if you need only legendaries it's going to take like 10 seasons to get it put the boxes back it was much more balanced.

  • Da boiz productions
    Da boiz productions 23 dni temu

    I love how they made a mobile game act like Fortnite or cod and succeeded at it

  • перемена БУБЛИКА 😈👹

    Please make it possible to revive the seasons in the next update😖

  • Николаев Матвей

    The creators of Brawl Stars, can you change the league so that the team party has people who play, not like bots, and you're going to change the cards? Or have you decided not to worry about it? :(

  • Shadow Wolf VI
    Shadow Wolf VI Miesiąc temu +3

    Can we please get a Duels map that doesn’t have a wall in the middle, it is the worst and makes Duels not evenfun because people will just pick Jackie and then just stand there the whole entire game, and then I lose trophies to someone with absolutely no skill

    • InDebt
      InDebt Miesiąc temu +1

      Yeah I agree but I heard that the supercell team plan to change it, it’s on Twitter

  • Cuphead.cups.50_
    Cuphead.cups.50_ Miesiąc temu

    Please make a new skin for Colette in the next brawl pass NOW!

    BRAWUCE Miesiąc temu

    It could be the new brawl talk sky theme because there are many photos and this cute animation is finally going to the sky so :)

  • Michael Kelly
    Michael Kelly Miesiąc temu +1

    The coin bottle neck has brought the game to a halt for me. Then supercell rubs it in my face with not being able to collect on trophy road until you’ve collected past rewards… AND when you have over 4000 pp on season pass it says to upgrade your brawlers first before collecting more pp. UM ya I would love to upgrade first but I have no coins to do it😭

    • Michael Kelly
      Michael Kelly Miesiąc temu

      I have all of the brawlers and the game has been so boring and the progression has been horrible.

  • москаль
    москаль 2 miesięcy temu

    Hei rakas Kehittäjät! Pelisi on loistava! Vaikka poistamalla laatikot pelistä, vaikka tiedän miksi, pyydän vain teitä palauttamaan kaunis Brawl Stars pelejä Venäjälle 🙏

  • ясно, автор ленивый пельмень🥟

    It was better with the boxes... We would make them again... For example, who has a lot of cups or wins has a better chance of being a cool fighter

  • a guy who comment
    a guy who comment 2 miesięcy temu +941

    Brawl stars never disappoint us with their animations and their new seasons ❤️

  • elaine
    elaine Miesiąc temu

    Adorei esse temporada dos doces choque por favor supercell por favor dá um pouquinho de puff no

  • ibrahim durmuş
    ibrahim durmuş 2 miesięcy temu

    After level 11, there is no other level, the game became very difficult.

  • Pedro Lion Fire
    Pedro Lion Fire Miesiąc temu

    I hope you always have new updates

  • Iggy und Lämmi
    Iggy und Lämmi 2 miesięcy temu

    so i would love to hear the music again and his guy is epic and then right at the end of his pose he shows the photo with Bonnie's hearts on it all around i mean to the Kamera and blushing and looking my eyes a bit

  • Losflecha
    Losflecha Miesiąc temu


  • Victor Mapica
    Victor Mapica 2 miesięcy temu +12

    Queremos que regresen las cajas

    • grud
      grud 2 miesięcy temu

      @Julian palomino no conseguirás nada protestando

    • grud
      grud 2 miesięcy temu

      @Алексей Маркин callate

    • Алексей Маркин
      Алексей Маркин 2 miesięcy temu

      @Maria Clara Oliveira Lima It is their problems. The game got worse

    • CD
      CD 2 miesięcy temu

      ¿Por qué traerlos de vuelta? es mucho mejor así

    • Julian palomino
      Julian palomino 2 miesięcy temu +2

      Que regrese las cajas!

    HARRISONSTARGALAXY 💫 2 miesięcy temu +2

    You’re so kind everyone instantly feels like your friend.🎉

  • André Mattos
    André Mattos 2 miesięcy temu

    i love Brawl Stars. I always struggle in battles, I fight to earn gems, and now I only have 2 gems left to buy the CandLand pass

    RYARVZYLMAKN BS Miesiąc temu +1

    I wish the boxes would come back

  • Juislencess.
    Juislencess. 2 miesięcy temu +1

    Chester's power should either be reduced to half or completely removed from the game!